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Guest Post-Dawn Read

My beautiful friend, Dawn Read wrote this earlier today shortly after leaving Marathon, FL. Dawn, Lucky and their BBC are crew for the first leg of helping Dean bring Our Way Too! back to Texas. When this posted this evening on her page after they came back into cell coverage, I read it and began to sob. I text Dean to asked her if we could share it on our blog.

She knows my heart and knows what it’s like to be away from her boat home. Dawn is an awesome writer and has been my mentor and friend…teaching, guiding, and loving me toward having an even more amazing life.

Please welcome to our blog…our full of life, loving friend, sailor and awesome mentor from the

Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky show,

Dawn Read ~

OWT! on the GoM (Gulf of Mexico) once again!           Photo compliments of Dawn Read

The following was written at 10:00 a.m. today…We we’re on open water, no cell signal for 9 hours…
After a few more hours and a few more meds, my back is feeling much better. 🙂

Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.

We’re sailing under power right now, wind almost at our nose. I’m already used to life on a 15°-20° slant. LOL

It is a very cool and brisk morning, for The Keys, anyway. It’s been pretty chilly the entire trip. I thought this part of the country was warmer than this! It doesn’t really feel “cold” until the winds hit you. Captain Dean and Lucky have coats on, and are sitting forward in the cockpit to keep warm.

So, this morning, I fed the boys some badass hot ham egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, on cast-iron toasted buns, and followed it up with rich homemade hot cocoa.

Their bellies are warm and satisfied, now.

The Big Black Cat and I are nice and toasty down below. I’ll be taking it very easy today and resting my over-used lower back.

Overall, this trip has been a great learning experience, and very good for me.

But I miss my grand old Chrysalis very much the same way my friend Katie misses this very boat I’m on right now, that is sailing back to her, from Boca Raton, all the way to Kemah, Tx.

These vessels, when we nest in them, and love them, and make them our own, are different than a house on land. I think there is a living heart and soul in these boats that we women connect with, when we make the choice to live aboard. We care for them like children, and they protect us from all sides, and in all conditions.

We MISS them, when we are not in their care, nor they in ours.

S/V Our Way Too knows she’s on her way to you, Katie. <3

And my S/V Chrysalis is patient, and solid, as always. I’m coming home to you soon, big girl!

Thank you Dawn for allowing me to share and for assisting and feeding my Captain well!! Love you!!

Hugs & Loves,

Our Way Too! & her Crew

Trek back to Texas!

Life changes in a split second!! More to come on that later…but for now…

Our Way Too! and her crew are moving back to Kemah, Texas! 

Portofino Harbour Marina to be exact…same marina…same slip!!

So if you’d like to follow along on Dean’s journey please join us on our facebook page S/V Our Way Too or find us at

and click the Location tab.

I’m really bummed that I am not onboard this trip but my new job has already begun and the choice was made for Dean and crew to bring Our Way Too! home to me on a slower schedule rather than rush and not be prepared. This isn’t the best time to cross the Gulf of Mexico nor is it the most comfortable or warmest time of year. It’s still a bit chilly down this way believe it or not!

We are super proud to share this journey with 3 of our favorite people who look forward to the experience and time ‘out there’ on the water. Even the ICW will be a new experience for them.

The first leg of the trip, Dean & OWT! welcome aboard sailors and the Dynamic Duo from Amazing Living ... Lucky & Dawn Read with the BBC (Big Black Cat).

These two are pretty special! They have spent time celebrating with us, sailing with us, mentoring us in life strategies, and just loving us. Dawn is familiar with the galley and a heck of a good cook! She will take good care of feeding our men properly I’m sure. She and Lucky look forward to gaining more experience and time on the water as they are almost ready to embark on their own adventure with SVChrysalis very soon. This  crew will take  OWT! south from Boca Raton, FL…southwest and through Marathon under the 7 Mile Bridge (unless they decide to go through the Channel 5 bridge) and then north along the west side of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) until they arrive back to Cortez, FL where Dawn & Lucky have their boat home SVChrysalis. Dawn & BBC will stay behind, but Lucky will continue on for the remaining journey to Our Way Too’s homeport of Kemah, TX.

Our awesome friend & sailor, Thomas Kantzos, will fly in to Tampa and continue on with Dean and Lucky. There is history with Thomas of how Sailors meet Sailors and what a truly awesome group our sailing community is. Thomas has sailed on OWT! in Galveston Bay with us before and Dean has celebrated the 4th of July on Thomas’ boat in Ft Worth sailing the day away. Dean and I have built a great friendship and working relationship over the past years with Thomas and and we are honored and grateful to have him crew on this adventure back to his home state. Thomas recently moved onto his boat ‘Feelin Nauti’ in Kemah, TX and will be soon leaving on his own wonderful journey to the islands!! This will be an experience and more time on the water for him as well.


Our Way Too! is provisioned and patiently awaiting her morning cast off of the dock to once again stretch out her sails and set her stride with the water flowing under her keel. Her favorite place to be…sailing!!

A Big Thank You to our Crew as we begin our journey back to the great State of Texas!!

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! & her Crew






Guest Blog Post!

My apologies folks! Seems ‘life‘ just gets in the way and I don’t get to dedicate my time to updating our story for you like I had planned! 🙁  Just not enough ‘hours‘ in a day to do everything I want to do!

One evening, over cocktails on Facetime, my daughter Tammy and I chatted about my frustrations of not being able to write lately. Since she had been toying with the idea of starting a travel blog herself my ‘lightbulb‘ went on! I asked her if she would write a ‘Guest Blogpost’ since she and Tony were with us on our Southbound Adventure. I’m happy to say, my frustration inspired her! I received a late night text…”I know it’s late and you’re sleeping but check out the blog :-)”

She is definitely the younger version of me, and totally ‘gets it‘! She is familiar with our boating lifestyle and spends as much time as she can with us. She has my adventureous spirit, loves her family/friends, loves to travel and luckily has an awesome husband, just like her Daddy Dean, who has the ability to ‘go with the flow’. Sadly, I’ve passed on to her my ability to get overwhelmed and side-tracked easily when curveballs are thrown our direction. 😉

Oh, and she’s quite the Beer Enthusiast!! ?

To my Baby Girl, Thank you my dear daughter for your love & encouragement during all this craziness and upheavel, for being there for me and all the extra hugs. I am so proud of you and the lovely woman you’ve become. Thank you for allowing me to share this post. I very much enjoy your writing! Keep up the good work! Your father’s humor shines in this post! 🙂 Love, Momma

Now…for her side of the story…

Allow me to introduce my beautiful daughter, Tammy Myer-Pollick and her brand new blog!

Stranded on an Island 


Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too and her Crew

Back in the Saddle Again!

As a young farm-girl I was taught that if I fall off the horse, 

Our granddaughter Jaycee rides Rusty! Aunt Kathy and Kaley instucted and encouraged!

Our granddaughter Jaycee rides Rusty with Aunt Kathy & Kaley’s encouragement and instruction!

I need to get right back up into that saddle again & show em’ who’s Boss!!

Well…both Dean & I have done that many time’s over the years with many different situations that have happened throughout our lifetimes. It’s just that this particular time threw us both for a loop bigtime!! It was literally a shock to our systems…not only to our beautiful floating home, but to each of us. Since the afternoon of June 20, 2014, we have been pulling ourselves up by our boot-straps, regrouping, repairing, dealing with ups & down’s of emotions, depression, worries of finances, you name it! When something happens in your life to throw you off balance, you sometimes become sort of numb for a while until you can figure out the best way to move ahead. I have several blog posts started (that were never finished) to tell you about our ‘experience’ but I could never finish because the tears would start and I’d just crumble. Our plans and dreams as full-time cruisers had only been in motion for a bit over six months and in a flash they were abruptly halted to a standstill.

What I do know is we have each other and that is all that matters!IMG_0133

And we still have our home…

Our Way Too!

Our Way Too!

There are some cruisers that we know have recently had much worse happen to them…lost lives, lost their boats, fought cancer and those instances made our situation seem like the tiniest fish in this big blue sea.

Don’t get me wrong…we’ve had many wonderful fun times this past year with family and friends, our daughter’s amazing wedding in St Thomas, new opportunities, new boat projects, and many awesome memories. We’ve kept extremely busy…but in our down times we have honestly really struggled and worried about how we can replenish our savings and cruising fund to continue todo what we set out to do.

I am here to say we are still here, we’re back in the saddle again…working on always seeing the good in situations, moving forward, starting over & telling our story once again. Time to show em who’s Boss and get on with it!!

While we are sitting still and tied up to a dock, getting life in order, working Boat Shows, loving each other and living life…I’ll be sharing past and current happenings, projects, smiles & sunsets.

Our Way Too! at anchor in Cowpen's Anchorage on the north side of Plantation Key, FL

Our Way Too! at anchor in Cowpen’s Anchorage on the north side of Plantation Key, FL

As my Daddy says…Stay tuned for yet another chapter of the Calkins Saga. 🙂

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! and her Crew

Southbound Adventure

We are on another Adventure!!! And…we have guests onboard!!

Tammy & Tony Learning the ropes!  The Good & the Bad!!

Tammy & Tony
Learning the ropes!
The Good & the Bad & the Ugly!! 😉

It really has been uneventful out here since we left on Tuesday, therefore no Bad or Ugly! 🙂

Southbound in Hawk’s Channel today, Friday June 20th, destination Marathon FL. It’s another calm, warm, no wind day. Can you say “Motor-boat”?? Grrrrr….

Marathon Bound

Marathon Bound – Tammy says…No wonder Columbus set out to prove the earth wasn’t flat!!

Yesterday as we left Miami anchorage, it was the picture perfect sunny, calm and absolutely beautiful morning on Biscayne Bay.

Miami in the Morning

Miami in the Morning

We motored out into ‘Big Blue’ though Biscayne Channel Inlet, also known as Stiltsville Channel.


This one appears to need some improvements!!


Sure…I could live out here!!



 We passed several kewl cottages built on stilts!

Tammy took over the helm for a while with Daddy Dean overseeing and giving pointers.IMG_0033 Tony will be next so you can see he is soaking it all in too!!



Doin' Schoolwork

Doin’ Schoolwork

After lunch it became a bit more exciting with the squalls surrounding and following us. We paid close attention and proceeded with our safety ‘protocol’ concerning foul weather: life jackets, foul weather gear, reefing sails and  battening down the hatches. The extra crew looked at me with questioning eyes as I pulled out gear and doled out orders…Preparation & Precautions.

IMG_0093 IMG_0068

You NEVER know when it could get ugly and it’s better to be safe than sorry! The sky looked creepy and we just weren’t taking any chances!






Rain is coming!

Rain is coming!

The rain has arrived!! Honey is getting wet!!

The rain arrived!! Honey is getting wet!!

As my friend Ellen stated on FB…we have “precious cargo” onboard…her son and my daughter.

Safety is #1 onboard OWT!…we will keep them safe!! 🙂

With 55.4 nm under our keel we arrived at our calm and quiet Rodriguez Key anchorage in time to make a nice dinner and enjoy a fabulous sunset!!

Tonite's Galley Chef

Anchorage neighbor. Hope they are enjoying the sunset as well!!

Anchorage neighbor. Hope they are enjoying the sunset as well!!

Rodriguez Key Sunset

Rodriguez Key Sunset

I venture to say they are enjoying themselves!!! :-)

I venture to say they are enjoying themselves!!! 🙂

 Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too and her Crew