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Where is Dean & Katie??

Sorry we’ve been off the grid!!!

We have been traveling, catching up with friends along the way, working at the Miami Boat Show helping Mantus Anchors in their booth, helping Cruising Outpost at their party, meeting tons of new friends, starting an awesome new home-based business and just enjoying our  lifestyle!

This was our ‘vacation’ week to catch up with family here in Jensen Beach, FL! I know…I have a ton to catch you up on!!

Jensen Beach FL Almost there!

Jensen Beach FL
Almost there!

We were almost there and this boat was coming fast…right at our bow!! We’re like…What’s this yahoo doing!?! The boat blows by us and these people are waving and carryin’ on like crazies!!

Our 'Welcome' Committee!!

Our ‘Welcome’ Committee!!

Well, I’ll be!! It was Dad, Mom, my baby sis Kristy and her hubby Russell! They were Welcoming us to Jensen Beach!!

IMG_2604We were totally surprised! I guess they’d been planning that all week! 🙂

Escorting us in...

Escorting us in…

The girl’s took video’s and a bunch of photo’s. You can see them on our facebook S/V Our Way Too! page. It’s nice to be Loved & Missed!!! 🙂

It’s been a lazy week of settling in, getting a few groceries and just visiting!

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! and her Crew

Growing Green Fur

As we dingyed  up to the stern of OWT! we could see a green furry mustache growing on her bottom side!!

Yikes!! It sounds like the ‘honeymoon’ is over…the retirement work begins!! 😉

Allow me to note here: Bottom cleaning your boat’s bottom side is one of those very important maintenance tasks! Keeping your hull clean and free of undergrowth and little critters that attach themselves helps your boat perform better underway and helps the bottom paint to last longer. While we lived in Texas we had to have Guyve from Stonefish clean the bottom of Our Way Too! and change our zincs every 3 months. By maintaining this schedule, it has helped us to get 3 years out of the last bottom job that was done.

Since it was such a beautiful day it was perfect to play in the water! When I came out of the boat to help this is what I found.IMG_2356

eww…look at the green fur coming off!!


Dean was almost standing on his head!!

I waited for him to slither off the tube and into the water but he didn’t! Instead…he got the last laugh!!

We worked our way completely around the boat, Dean hanging upside down in these weird yoga type positions and myself standing in the Katie-Did holding the toe rail to keep him close enough to reach. As he scrubbed, I slowly moved us along the sides of the boat. About half way down the starboard side, it was perfect timing…

…the bilge pump decided it was time to discharge! Guess who was in the line of fire?!?!

YEP…Katie and her Katie-Did were blasted by the cold and stinky bilge goo!!!

Dean almost fell off the side of the dingy laughing!!! Which in turn made me laugh…turned out to be more of a ‘not so bad’ job after all!

Enjoy laughing with us!! 🙂

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! and her Crew

Low Key in the Keys

I’ve been bad…no blog posts for a while! I guess I have just needed some ‘down time’. We have safely arrived in Marathon, FL but I am still looking for that super WARM weather!! It has been really nice here but yet a bit cool for me. Yesterday for the first time I wore short sleeves and capri’s until the sun went down!! Dean can handle shorts and a tee shirt but not I…oh no…it’s still jeans, sweatshirts and a winter jacket for me!! I know…I know…I shouldn’t complain as my Michigan family are shivering, plowing, shoveling, playing and building  snowmen with tons of snow up there!!

Peaceful Morning in Boot Key Harbor

Peaceful Morning in Boot Key Harbor

When we arrived here into the harbor anchorages there was a waiting list for the mooring balls. Nine folks were ahead of us. We put our name on the list but when we received the call for an open ball we decided we are just fine out here at anchor! Let’s save our pennies and rely on our Goliath!! After all…that’s why we have him!!!

We’ve actually been pretty low key since we arrived. We’ve done the usual ‘cruiser’ stuff. I spent time up at the laundry facilities. 🙁 $3.00 per load!! Ouch!! I think I will find a scrub board and we will use our 5 gallon bucket more often!! IMG_2294Dean has ferried water back and forth to fill tanks a couple times. We’ve visited with friends and scouted out a couple of places. It’s been very relaxing and enjoyable! Especially on those sunny days!! And of course we always look forward to the beautiful sunsets! IMG_2334Today is the start of a new week. It’s time for us to get with it!!!

Grocery list, cleaning, maintenance, blogposts, more exercise, exploring, visiting friends, having sundowners…

ya know…all the ‘low key’ cruiser stuff!! 😉

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Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! & her Crew


 We are in our 26th day of being a “Cruiser”! Wow!! Time is flying by!!

Happy Cruiser's!!

Happy Cruiser’s!!

Since we enjoy being at anchor, we have spent 15 of our 26 nights on the hook.

 As of today we have 3 instances that stand out, that we feel have given us some proven and worthy bragging rights!!

With that being said , one of our most important pieces of equipment is our ground tackle. It allows us to sleep well and feel secure knowing that Our Way Too! and her crew are not going adrift!

Allow us to introduce you to one of the most important ‘crew’ onboard Our Way Too! 🙂

Goliath - our Giant!!

Goliath – our Giant!!

Goliath is attached to OWT! with 250′ of 5/16″ chain with an additional 75′ of 3/4″ rode. (We plan to upgrade to 3/8″ chain.)

Our first instance was at Cat Island, Mississippi Sound, MS. We anchored in 7′ of water on the southwest side of Shell bank. We had a constant 12-18 knots of wind out of the northeast with rain and cold. We rode the chop comfortably on our bow for a day and a half before we preceded with our travels.

The second instance was Charlotte Harbor, near the twin bridges connecting Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, FL. We were in 8′ of water near the channel entering Fisherman’s Village. We had a front from the northeast blow in and we experienced a complete 360° wind shift with 12 to 15 knots. FYI…this is in fact as we were sitting in the cockpit observing as the captain was monitoring his weather and wind Apps on his iPad. The anchor had to have swung and reset itself because our drag alarms never went off!

Our third and current instance…we are sitting in Smokehouse Bay anchorage in Marco Island, FL. We arrived yesterday early afternoon expecting a front to come upon us wee hours this morning. They were forecasting 15-20 knots for the next two day’s so we thought we should tuck in safely somewhere. The Gulf of Mexico tends to get unruly with these strong winds! When we arrived the winds picked up to about 10 knots. Then in later evening, the winds died and it was calm as could be. About 1 am the front hit us with full force out of the north at 25-28 knots. Even in this small protected anchorage Our Way Too!  begin her dance.

Wendy & Windy are producing us some good power and our main man Goliath is still holding us secure as the winds are still awhippin’!

We want to extend a grateful and big ‘Thank You’ to our very first sponsor…

Our very 1st Awesome Sponsor!

Our very 1st Awesome Sponsor!

Mantus Anchors!!IMG_2140

We now have a 65 lb, 45 lb, and a 8 lb Mantus anchor onboard along with their newly released Mantus Bracket for our secondary anchor that we stow on our stern rail.

Our 45 lb Mantus Anchor in the bracket on our stern rail.

Our 45 lb Mantus Anchor in the bracket on our stern rail.

The Mantus Chain Hook and universal Deck Key are also onboard Our Way Too! and we will share more about those products later as well!

On our wish list is their Mantus Bridle System, as we are using  an older bridle with the M2 Hook for now. Can’t have everything all at once! 😉


As you can see Goliath digs in deep!!! So far we have anchored in mud, clay, sand and mud/shell bottoms and had NO PROBLEMS!!

They are NOT kidding when they say “Mantus sets on the first try every single time”.

‘Thank You’ Mantus Anchors for the GREAT products and for being our sponsor!!

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! & her Crew

Storm Clouds

We decided on a short run down the ICW to Ft Myer’s area. We are trying to stay ahead of the forecasted blow due in midweek. As we left our anchorage it was a sunny calm clear blue sky morning. Our friend’s Ed and Cheryl on S/V Slowdown text us to let us know there was a storm brewing, it had hit them, and was headed our way. Love it how friends/cruising family take care of each other!!

This is just to share how quickly Mother Nature can have her way with you out on the waterway’s!!

Storm's a-brewin'

Storm’s a-brewin’


The front moving across Charlotte Harbor

It was rather spooky as it approached and went over us!

Mid morning it came, reared it’s ugly head for a short time, wind gusted through our rigging for a few minutes, dropped a few raindrops on us and then left just as quickly as it arrived. Fortunately we were just on the tail end of the front according to the radar app on our iPad!

As we entered the ICW it cleared up and the sun once again warmed us.

Sanibel Triller out on a 'Dolphin Watch'

Sanibel Triller out on a ‘Dolphin Watch’

We enjoyed the sights as we motored along. Can you see the dolphin playing in the wake behind the Sanibel Thriller?? (Click on the above photo and zoom in on it!) We’ve enjoyed many different bird sightings, private islands, waving at other cruising boats as we pass each other, views of resorts and city skylines from the comfort of Our Way Too!’s cockpit. Our evening anchorage brought us to the end of the ICW for now. We have a nice view of Sanibel Island Lighthouse from afar.

Sanibel Lighthouse

Florida’s Sanibel Lighthouse

Someday we will come back to visit this historical place and beautiful beach. For now we are moving along looking for the sun!! 😉

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! and her Crew