Growing Green Fur

As we dingyed  up to the stern of OWT! we could see a green furry mustache growing on her bottom side!!

Yikes!! It sounds like the ‘honeymoon’ is over…the retirement work begins!! 😉

Allow me to note here: Bottom cleaning your boat’s bottom side is one of those very important maintenance tasks! Keeping your hull clean and free of undergrowth and little critters that attach themselves helps your boat perform better underway and helps the bottom paint to last longer. While we lived in Texas we had to have Guyve from Stonefish clean the bottom of Our Way Too! and change our zincs every 3 months. By maintaining this schedule, it has helped us to get 3 years out of the last bottom job that was done.

Since it was such a beautiful day it was perfect to play in the water! When I came out of the boat to help this is what I found.IMG_2356

eww…look at the green fur coming off!!


Dean was almost standing on his head!!

I waited for him to slither off the tube and into the water but he didn’t! Instead…he got the last laugh!!

We worked our way completely around the boat, Dean hanging upside down in these weird yoga type positions and myself standing in the Katie-Did holding the toe rail to keep him close enough to reach. As he scrubbed, I slowly moved us along the sides of the boat. About half way down the starboard side, it was perfect timing…

…the bilge pump decided it was time to discharge! Guess who was in the line of fire?!?!

YEP…Katie and her Katie-Did were blasted by the cold and stinky bilge goo!!!

Dean almost fell off the side of the dingy laughing!!! Which in turn made me laugh…turned out to be more of a ‘not so bad’ job after all!

Enjoy laughing with us!! 🙂

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! and her Crew

8 Responses to Growing Green Fur

  1. char says:

    this is to funny Katie wish I would have seen that love you guys

  2. MutualFun says:

    Now that is funny. Lol

  3. Linda Wheeler says:

    I can see that Dean got the last laugh on that one

  4. Chris Edwards says:

    Did he jump? lol

  5. Craig Harriman says:

    Fun at every turn for you two.

  6. mom and dad says:

    Finding the hummer in every situation makes life much more fun.

  7. mom and dad says:

    Humor I mean. Dang I wish I could spell. LOL

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