Low Key in the Keys

I’ve been bad…no blog posts for a while! I guess I have just needed some ‘down time’. We have safely arrived in Marathon, FL but I am still looking for that super WARM weather!! It has been really nice here but yet a bit cool for me. Yesterday for the first time I wore short sleeves and capri’s until the sun went down!! Dean can handle shorts and a tee shirt but not I…oh no…it’s still jeans, sweatshirts and a winter jacket for me!! I know…I know…I shouldn’t complain as my Michigan family are shivering, plowing, shoveling, playing and building  snowmen with tons of snow up there!!

Peaceful Morning in Boot Key Harbor

Peaceful Morning in Boot Key Harbor

When we arrived here into the harbor anchorages there was a waiting list for the mooring balls. Nine folks were ahead of us. We put our name on the list but when we received the call for an open ball we decided we are just fine out here at anchor! Let’s save our pennies and rely on our Goliath!! After all…that’s why we have him!!!

We’ve actually been pretty low key since we arrived. We’ve done the usual ‘cruiser’ stuff. I spent time up at the laundry facilities. 🙁 $3.00 per load!! Ouch!! I think I will find a scrub board and we will use our 5 gallon bucket more often!! IMG_2294Dean has ferried water back and forth to fill tanks a couple times. We’ve visited with friends and scouted out a couple of places. It’s been very relaxing and enjoyable! Especially on those sunny days!! And of course we always look forward to the beautiful sunsets! IMG_2334Today is the start of a new week. It’s time for us to get with it!!!

Grocery list, cleaning, maintenance, blogposts, more exercise, exploring, visiting friends, having sundowners…

ya know…all the ‘low key’ cruiser stuff!! 😉

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Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! & her Crew

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  1. Wayne Tanis says:

    Have been enjoying the blog’s thx for keeping us posted

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