Charlotte Harbor

A beautiful day in Charlotte Harbor!

OWT! sits quietly at anchor in Charlotte Harbor

OWT! sits quietly at anchor in Charlotte Harbor

We decided to hang out for the morning and catch up on a few things. Dean of course, always enjoys dismantling something so he figured he’d fix the spigot that had wiggled it’s way loose. It runs from the watermaker to the sink.

Broken hose to spigot.

Broken hose to spigot.

On a boat these things are always hidden away…in and under and behind!

We had a lunch date with our new friend Brian Wise.DSC_0006 Many of our Crosswinds Marina A-Dock family back in Michigan, know Brian! They let us know he was down this way living on his boat. We hooked up with him, went to lunch at Harpoon Harry’s in the Fisherman’s Village and enjoyed visiting and getting to know him. Love his kewl red 69′ Olds Cutlass!! Even tho it decided to give him some fits and not want to start!! And…he’s another GM guy!! Thanks for taking time out of your day to hang with us Brian!! We look forward to spending more time with you down island somewhere!

We went to the post office and then met up with Monica and Warren who took us to the store to pick up a few items. Hugged our buh bye’s to them and headed back to Our Way Too! in the Katie Did. (Dean’s other dingy 😉 )

We put groceries away, then hoisted the motor to the rail, and lifted Katie Did to the stern. We grabbed a sundowner and kicked back to enjoy our last evening at anchor in Charlotte Harbor …DSC_0011…until we return.

Love & Hugs~

OWT! and her Crew

Sitting Pretty!!

We woke up this morning and thought…hummm…we are sitting a bit odd!

Our Way Too! was leaning toward her port side more than usual.Aground!! Dean stepped out and jumped off the boat to take pictures! WE ARE BEACHED!! 🙂 We haven’t seen the bow out of the water like this since we’ve owned her. Jeff (dock owner) said he hadn’t ever seen the tide this low either!! Very unusual weather and wind for this side of the state.

It’s looking like we are ready for another bottom cleaning already! I wonder if Stonefish services the Florida area yet?? 🙂


Make New Friends…

Sing: “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old…

One is Silver and the Other is Gold!”

A song from way back when I was a Brownie in Girl Scouts! It has stuck with me for many years and it rings true over the years. My ‘silver’ friends usually become ‘gold’ friends in a short period of time!

Both Dean and I are abundantly blessed with many, many friends. We have friends scattered all over the US and even beyond! Some we have known since our childhoods, some for many years, some only a few years, some just this week, and some are ‘internet’ friends that we have yet to meet!!

Our most recent ‘New’ friends we’ve been privileged to spend time with, we met though an app we use called Active Captain.  We use it as an overlay on our Garmin BlueChart for one of our navigation tools. As Dean looked ahead to plan our route and choose an anchorage he came upon an anchor icon that said The Wright’s (free dock). We read the ‘info’ about the anchorage/dock and the 10 review’s. We figured it probably wasn’t even available any more since the last review was over 1 year ago (12/14/2012). We thought the price was within our budget, 😉 but what really caught our attention was the last paragraph in the description which reads as follows:

” Cruisers accept the offer of hospitality at their own risk. No fees charged other than becoming friends.”

We were warmly welcomed at a private dock in front of their home by Jeff, Suzanne, Claire and Clancy! Jeff invited us to join them for dinner after we settled ourselves and Our Way Too! in. We all hit it off immediately and found much in common. Suzanne makes an excellent Chicken Soup and it sure hit the spot!! We chatted on and on until we realized how late it was getting!IMG_2223

I truly believe that ‘everything happens for a reason’ and by Dean calling the phone number listed even tho we thought it may not be available anymore, we have been blessed with another growing friendship that I am positive will soon turn into one of the Gold!

Love &  Hugs~

Our Way Too! and Crew

Breakfast Date

We were up and at it this morning, looking forward to our ‘Breakfast Date’.

 Dean wanted to accomplish one of our needed repairs so before he even drank his coffee, he had his head stuck in the bilge.

DSC_0001He was repairing his ‘quick fix’ that he did recently in the rough waters of the Gulf. He wanted to do it correctly so that we didn’t have any more issues. He removed the 350 gph bilge pump that he put in as a temporary fix and replaced it with a 1500 gph pump that had been in the shower sump (which he felt was overkill). Then he put the 350 gph pump into the shower sump. We now have a spare for each!

Yesterday afternoon one of our Michigan ‘Crosswind’s Marina A-Dock family’ who has been keeping an eye on our progress, sent us a message via our facebook page to let us know that another one of our Crosswind’s A-Dock family had just arrived in the Tarpon Springs area as well with their ‘land yacht’!! Roni made sure we had their correct phone number and Dean called to set up a time to get together.

DSC_0003It was so awesome to spend time with Bob and Carroll Lutz!!!

We strolled down to the bakery near the sponge docks and thoroughly enjoyed our visit! The familiar hugs and conversation were great!! It has been been almost 6 years since we left Crosswind’s and moved to Texas for Dean’s job. We miss our A-Dock clan!!

Thank you Roni for touching base and helping us make contact yesterday!!! We miss you & Marv too and hope we see you soon as well!!! Our Way Too has a forward cabin that always welcomes company!!

We decided to get underway around lunchtime since it was a higher tide and good time to get out of the slip.  After our visit, we readied Our Way Too! to leave and headed toward the fuel dock to top off her tank. We hugged Ed and Cheryl on S/V Slowdown (who were next door to the fuel dock) and are en-route once again southbound on the ICW.

It’s not been the sunny day that we hoped for but it is warmer and fairly nice.

Love & Hugs~

OWT! & her Crew

Finally Florida!!


Our New Year’s Day out on the Gulf at daybreak greeted us with 3 dolphins to reassure us all was well. I can’t believe they are out in this stuff!! 😉

10:45 am still has us in 22-23 knots of wind and wave’s up to 6′ so it’s still a washing machine out here. We’ve accomplished 298 nautical miles this crossing and our mark to turn into port is 15 nm away. Nothing we do is making this part of our passage more comfortable. I am definitely getting some unusual dance moves in from the wave action so I think my body is getting some exercise and using muscles that have been dormant awhile!

The interior of OWT! is a disaster…looks like a tornado blew thru. Things that were secure (or so I thought) were all over. We bounced around like a cork! Cabin doors slammed, cabinets and lockers opened and emptied…I think it’s time to replace some of the those catch’s/latches. We discovered we have another leak in the forward cabin head hatch. Nothing major but needs to be ASAP. It allowed saltwater in and that is a no-no!!

Our arrival off the Gulf of Mexico and into port took us to Tarpon Springs, Florida. It may have been a bit uncomfortable but it was a safe and blessed journey. There hasn’t been once that we didn’t trust Our Way Too! to bring us safely to our destination. She is a sturdy, solid gal and performs well for us! We love our home!

We motored up river to Tarpon Springs City Marina, our first marina since we left Portofino Harbour Marina.

Tarpon Springs, FL

Hot Coffee & a walk warmed us up!!

Hot Coffee and a walk warmed us up!!

To our surprise Kathy and Lenny were there to greet us at the dock when we arrived! They were headed back to the ‘Great White North’ after their week escape to the ‘sunshine’. It’s always good to see a smiling face and get big hugs when you come in from a passage! As soon as we were securely tied up in our slip we headed uptown to find a good cup of coffee to warm up as it had been a chilly bouncing day out on the Gulf.

Kathy and Lenny helped us put Our Way Too! back in livable order and we relaxed in the cockpit with cocktails to catch up and visit. DSC_0062

We decided it was out to dinner at one of the excellent Greek Restaurants that Tarpon Springs has to offer!DSC_0068

Helles Bakery & Restaurant was an excellent choice!

Our waiter, Noah

Our waiter, Noah

Noah took great care of us and made us laugh!! Excellent food too!! We did a short after dinner stroll and headed back aboard OWT! for much needed sleep!!