Southbound Adventure

We are on another Adventure!!! And…we have guests onboard!!

Tammy & Tony Learning the ropes!  The Good & the Bad!!

Tammy & Tony
Learning the ropes!
The Good & the Bad & the Ugly!! 😉

It really has been uneventful out here since we left on Tuesday, therefore no Bad or Ugly! 🙂

Southbound in Hawk’s Channel today, Friday June 20th, destination Marathon FL. It’s another calm, warm, no wind day. Can you say “Motor-boat”?? Grrrrr….

Marathon Bound

Marathon Bound – Tammy says…No wonder Columbus set out to prove the earth wasn’t flat!!

Yesterday as we left Miami anchorage, it was the picture perfect sunny, calm and absolutely beautiful morning on Biscayne Bay.

Miami in the Morning

Miami in the Morning

We motored out into ‘Big Blue’ though Biscayne Channel Inlet, also known as Stiltsville Channel.


This one appears to need some improvements!!


Sure…I could live out here!!



 We passed several kewl cottages built on stilts!

Tammy took over the helm for a while with Daddy Dean overseeing and giving pointers.IMG_0033 Tony will be next so you can see he is soaking it all in too!!



Doin' Schoolwork

Doin’ Schoolwork

After lunch it became a bit more exciting with the squalls surrounding and following us. We paid close attention and proceeded with our safety ‘protocol’ concerning foul weather: life jackets, foul weather gear, reefing sails and  battening down the hatches. The extra crew looked at me with questioning eyes as I pulled out gear and doled out orders…Preparation & Precautions.

IMG_0093 IMG_0068

You NEVER know when it could get ugly and it’s better to be safe than sorry! The sky looked creepy and we just weren’t taking any chances!






Rain is coming!

Rain is coming!

The rain has arrived!! Honey is getting wet!!

The rain arrived!! Honey is getting wet!!

As my friend Ellen stated on FB…we have “precious cargo” onboard…her son and my daughter.

Safety is #1 onboard OWT!…we will keep them safe!! 🙂

With 55.4 nm under our keel we arrived at our calm and quiet Rodriguez Key anchorage in time to make a nice dinner and enjoy a fabulous sunset!!

Tonite's Galley Chef

Anchorage neighbor. Hope they are enjoying the sunset as well!!

Anchorage neighbor. Hope they are enjoying the sunset as well!!

Rodriguez Key Sunset

Rodriguez Key Sunset

I venture to say they are enjoying themselves!!! :-)

I venture to say they are enjoying themselves!!! 🙂

 Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too and her Crew


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  1. Barry and Barb Dupuy says:

    Great pictures and looks beautiful. Have fun!!

  2. Nicole Rodriguez says:

    Miss chatting with you Dean at work but know you are enjoying every minute with Katie n guests n those gorgeous sunsets 🙂

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