Storm Clouds

We decided on a short run down the ICW to Ft Myer’s area. We are trying to stay ahead of the forecasted blow due in midweek. As we left our anchorage it was a sunny calm clear blue sky morning. Our friend’s Ed and Cheryl on S/V Slowdown text us to let us know there was a storm brewing, it had hit them, and was headed our way. Love it how friends/cruising family take care of each other!!

This is just to share how quickly Mother Nature can have her way with you out on the waterway’s!!

Storm's a-brewin'

Storm’s a-brewin’


The front moving across Charlotte Harbor

It was rather spooky as it approached and went over us!

Mid morning it came, reared it’s ugly head for a short time, wind gusted through our rigging for a few minutes, dropped a few raindrops on us and then left just as quickly as it arrived. Fortunately we were just on the tail end of the front according to the radar app on our iPad!

As we entered the ICW it cleared up and the sun once again warmed us.

Sanibel Triller out on a 'Dolphin Watch'

Sanibel Triller out on a ‘Dolphin Watch’

We enjoyed the sights as we motored along. Can you see the dolphin playing in the wake behind the Sanibel Thriller?? (Click on the above photo and zoom in on it!) We’ve enjoyed many different bird sightings, private islands, waving at other cruising boats as we pass each other, views of resorts and city skylines from the comfort of Our Way Too!’s cockpit. Our evening anchorage brought us to the end of the ICW for now. We have a nice view of Sanibel Island Lighthouse from afar.

Sanibel Lighthouse

Florida’s Sanibel Lighthouse

Someday we will come back to visit this historical place and beautiful beach. For now we are moving along looking for the sun!! 😉

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! and her Crew

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  1. mom and dad says:

    Those are some nasty looking clouds. I’d run too. Lord keep my kids safe!

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