Where is Dean & Katie??

Sorry we’ve been off the grid!!!

We have been traveling, catching up with friends along the way, working at the Miami Boat Show helping Mantus Anchors in their booth, helping Cruising Outpost at their party, meeting tons of new friends, starting an awesome new home-based business and just enjoying our  lifestyle!

This was our ‘vacation’ week to catch up with family here in Jensen Beach, FL! I know…I have a ton to catch you up on!!

Jensen Beach FL Almost there!

Jensen Beach FL
Almost there!

We were almost there and this boat was coming fast…right at our bow!! We’re like…What’s this yahoo doing!?! The boat blows by us and these people are waving and carryin’ on like crazies!!

Our 'Welcome' Committee!!

Our ‘Welcome’ Committee!!

Well, I’ll be!! It was Dad, Mom, my baby sis Kristy and her hubby Russell! They were Welcoming us to Jensen Beach!!

IMG_2604We were totally surprised! I guess they’d been planning that all week! 🙂

Escorting us in...

Escorting us in…

The girl’s took video’s and a bunch of photo’s. You can see them on our facebook S/V Our Way Too! page. It’s nice to be Loved & Missed!!! 🙂

It’s been a lazy week of settling in, getting a few groceries and just visiting!

Love & Hugs~

Our Way Too! and her Crew

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  1. MutualFun says:

    I see gonna have to sew you some fuel can covers.

  2. Sounds like ya’ll have been having a great time! I’ve been enjoying the pics on Facebook. What a nice surprise to be visited by your family. Enjoy!

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